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A successful film writer and producer, JonDivens has worked for a number of prominent studios to develop scripts, hire actors and directors, and oversee all aspects of production for both film and television series. From 1992 to 2000, Jon Aubrey Divens worked as a producer with Walt Disney Films, followed by a decade as a producer with Warner Brothers. In 2010, Mr. Divens founded Rocket Media, an independent production. In addition to providing production services ranging from script development to final production.Jon Divens holds a bachelor of arts in film and a graduate degree from the University of California, Los Angeles. Mr.Divens has also received specialized training in scriptwriting, film production, and distribution. Mr. Divens also attended the University of Maryland and acquired an advanced certificate in writing. During Mr. Divens' tenure at Disney Television as a producer, he worked on and help develop a number of television shows.

Jon Divens

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