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General Rules for Choosing a Topic

When choosing a topic, you need to be guided by the following rules:


Do not choose too narrow. The fact is that any narrow economic area is quite difficult to explore, since there is a shortage of the necessary material. Accordingly, the author of the dissertation will have to solve many problems on his own, and then form the text of his scientific research from this. When choosing a topic that is too broad, there is a risk of not discovering anything new, since everything has already been studied. Therefore, it is so important to find the golden mean.

Relevance of the topic

When choosing a topic for scientific research, it is worth looking for those tasks that are problematic specifically for our time. In addition, it is worth paying attention to those of them that have not yet been resolved in a practical way. It is possible that it is you who will be able to bring something new to the world of economic sciences, focusing on the usefulness of your discovery.

Theme formulation

When choosing a title for your dissertation research, remember that it should reveal the topic of scientific work as much as possible, and not be general. Otherwise, you simply will not be able to capture the entire layer of what are studying as accurately and capaciously as possible.

How to choose the right topic for a dissertation in economics?

It is worth noting that economics, as a scientific branch, is quite fruitful in terms of study. In this area, you can quite correctly choose both a practical and a theoretical topic. When writing a candidate or doctoral thesis in economics, you need to immediately prepare to implement your developments.

The versatility of this subject allows you to consider completely different options for choosing topics. For example, you can write about the current economic situation, what is happening in the country, about the forecast of the economic crisis, about certain statistics, etc.

When choosing a topic for writing a dissertation in economics, it is worth remembering that due to the variety of topics in this case, it is quite easy to get lost, completely confused in everything. Therefore, if you understand that you cannot choose the topic of your dissertation research, then consult with colleagues or your curator. It is possible that a fresh look from the outside will help you make the right decision.

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