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Owning a perfect skateboard is the dream of all skaters since choosing the most suitable board from several products on the market is not easy. For longboarders, a good longboard means everything to them because a longboard should not run into any problems on the way of traveling over a great distance.

Based on what I have learned at SkateAdvisors that discussed the 5 greatest skateboards for longboarders, I would like to show you some products which I think are suitable for the majority of longboarders.


This 41-inch skateboard is the premium product from Sector 9 which will ensure the safest and smoothest ride. The deck is made of both bamboo and maple so that the hardness and flexibility are well combined in a single product.

By adding bamboo to the construction of the board, the total weight is significantly decreased so users can carry this longboard around with no difficulty. Gullwing Charger trucks and a set of ABEC 5 bearings are equipped by the manufacturer so that skaters are ensured of reliable performance.

What I like most about this product is the cutout style which ensures the center of gravity is lower on the ground. Therefore, skaters would be able to obtain the smoothest ride. Also, the stability and controllability are significantly improved despite the lightweight.


If you frequently check out the reviews of SkateAdvisors on muckrack, you must have heard about this cruiser longboard. Similar to the previous product, this skateboard is also a premium option that has both bamboo and Canadian maple as the material of the deck.

This cruiser board is longer than the first product with a length of 44 inches and a width of 7 inches. ABEC 7 bearings and aluminum trucks are used to build this skateboard to ensure the highest durability and robustness.

Although this product is classified into the premium class, I myself think this one is quite affordable. With a bit more money, you would be able to own the perfect skateboard which will only bring you the utmost level of satisfaction.


With the same size as the first product, this complete longboard also provides the most comfortable and flexible right to riders. Instead of being constructed from 7 layers of wood, this longboard uses a 9-ply maple deck to become much more durable and sturdier. If you want to know why skateboard decks are usually made of several plies, I think you should read the explanation of SkateAdvisors on issuu.

The manufacturer cares a lot about the appearance of skaters; therefore, customers are free to choose any graphic designs as they want to meet their personal character. However, some people after skating on this skateboard reported that the bushings can be too soft in case you are looking for hard-bushing skateboarding trucks.


The above 3 longboards are what I want to recommend to all skaters. However, you can always find other great skateboards as long as you make a lot of effort in finding the perfect one.


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