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How To Use A Laser Level To Install Recessed Lighting

When it comes to installing recessed lighting, the more accurate your ceiling layout set up, the better your results. However, marking down a ceiling to prepare for lighting installation is not an easy job. It can be quite a time-consuming and exhausting task for all the measuring and marking required. This is when a laser level becomes that ultimate solution to help users successfully and precisely get the job done.

That said, using laser levels to mark a ceiling requires skills and technique. In this article, we will take you through a step-by-step guide on how to use a laser level to prepare the ceiling for recessed lighting installation.

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The Best Laser Level for the Job: Cross-line Laser Level

Before we dive into the guide, let’s discuss the best laser level for recessed lighting: a cross-line laser.

As its name, the cross-line laser level emits two lines simultaneously in horizontal and vertical planes, creating a cross line shape for versatility. Some cross-line laser levels can also project the two laser lines separately for more usage.

Since it can provide reference or alignment in both dimensions all at once, it is the ideal choice for electrician work. With a cross-line laser level, electricians can drastically cut down their working time while ensuring all the results are accurately level.

Using a laser level to mark the ceiling for installing recessed lighting

Now that you know which type is the best laser level for this particular task, let’s jump into this detailed process instruction. Take our guide as a reference before you start your own installation.

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Step 1: Measure the ceiling

Begin with the measurements of the ceiling. In this step, you’ll need to scale down these actual measurements to put it on graph paper like a blueprint. The standard ratio that is commonly used is 1/4 inch as 1 foot.

Step 2: Plan on how you want to install the recessed lights.

Now that you have the ceiling grid, think about the layout that you would want to install the recessed lighting. Measure and put down the distance from one wall to the first light fixture and repeat with the rest of the lighting fixtures.

This step is not compulsory, yet it surely will help you get the job done faster and properly. Moreover, by planning ahead, you can get a clearer idea of the placement of your desired lighting while avoiding messing up the installation.

Step 3: Place the laser level

Once you complete planning on the ceiling grid and fixtures placement, it’s time to utilize the laser level. Start with affixing it at an equal distance from both walls.

Step 4: Level the device

This part will be effortless and quick if you have a self-leveling laser level. This type of cross-line laser will level itself to offer greater accuracy. Once you activate the device, give it a few minutes to self-level. Some of the best laser levels for builders can finish the leveling step in just a few seconds.

For a manual laser, you’d need to find the level using the bubble vials integrated.

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Step 5: Utilize the reference lines for markings

Now that the laser level projects two reference lines on the ceilings and walls, use a laser measure to get the distance from the wall for the first fixture placement, then use a pencil to mark it down along the horizontal line to the wall.

Then you’ll use the vertical laser beam intersected with the horizontal line above. Move this beam along until you get the desired measurements for each light, then mark it down onto the horizontal line.

Wrap Up

Above is the guide on how to mark the ceiling for installing recessed lighting. Now that you have accurate markings, you’ll be able to install the lighting at ease.


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